I had planned to make more post´s about this trip but I don´t have that much pictures to show. This year my husband surprised me with a trip to Italy just the two of us. We spent nine day´s on this trip and we had an amazing time. But just saying. Being vegan in Italy was not easy for me. I struggled a bit even though I had done some research. Maybe it just wasn’t enough. Do you have some tips on traveling as a vegan? Let me know! Still kinda new to the traveling hacks!

We rented a car at the airport in Nice and our first stop was in Eze-Village. So the first day we were in France and the rest in Italy before we went back to Nice and than home. Renting a car was the best choice on our trip. That thing help so much. We also rented a Airbnb apartment in Rapallo and make a day trip to Portofino. Recommend it to everyone!

I am so happy we had this trip just the two of us. We have never traveled alone before. We haven´t had a honeymoon. We can make traveling happen more often now since we are both soon finished with university and our children growing. Well I have two years left at university and Øyvind has one year to go. Where have you traveled to in Italy? Would like to read your adventure in the comment section below!


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